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Your Contribution Matters!
There are 200,000 women behind bars and/or on probation or parole. Many of these women struggle not only with substance abuse, but mental illness, and histories of physical and sexual abuse.  Few get the clinical assistance/treatment they need. These women are the nurturers of our families and they initiate growth in our children as well as the glue to our families. Our families are lost without our moms, sisters, aunts, grandmothers etc. Reinstating these women brings balance back to our families and society.

How they fare on the outside, and how communities fare in absorbing these ex-inmates, is a topic of growing concern because very little if any rehabilitation has been given as well as no preparation has been put in place prior to their release. Well DRTE is doing something about it. We believe that no one’s past mistakes should dictate their future.

In our fundraising efforts, DRTE needs your help in making sure these women and their children have the necessary resources to focus on becoming productive citizens in the community. We are requesting monetary donations for the following: clothing, personal hygiene items, food, computers, printers, tables and chairs, teaching supplies, backpacks, transportation and books.

You can help us achieve this goal with a donation. Please click on the link below. For our monthly contributors, please click on the donate tab to make your contribution.

On behalf of Founder Tracie Barnes, thank you in advance for supporting our fundraising efforts. Together, we will cultivate the greatness that is within these women, men and young women by helping them obtain a self-sufficient life style.

Cultivating Change: One Life At A Time